Monday, November 09, 2009

illo friday: blur

My old friend Makers Mark. How I LOVE THEE.
But, the night always ends in a... blur.


Anonymous shawn said...

OMG.. this is SoOoOo ADORABLE!!!!!

09 November, 2009 15:07  
Blogger k.h.whitaker said...

love this, and Makers Mark!

09 November, 2009 15:50  
Blogger erin said...

oh so very cute, don't ask me why, but we used to refer to being hungover as being "cute", so it's extra cute!

10 November, 2009 09:51  
Blogger Brandon Starr said...

nice style.

10 November, 2009 10:06  
OpenID jomcmullan said...

Lovely and so cute - that feeling seems all too familiar! Your work is fabulous!

10 November, 2009 10:28  
Blogger memodiazart said...

I have to see that ..You hamboned on Makers...

10 November, 2009 15:55  
Blogger KYMadan said...

thank you for your comments! :-)
memo - just say when and where. HA.

10 November, 2009 18:56  
Blogger Maldito Columpio said...

cats shouldnt drink because then they can not find the litter box...

11 November, 2009 10:08  

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